How to start a profitable blog in 2020

How to start a profitable blog in 2020 (step by step guide from scratch)

Have you recently heard, a blog can make money? Wants to start a blog, but don’t know, where to start from.

See, your quest ends here.

I am going to disclose everything about how you can start a blogging business in 2020.

After reading this 15 minutes article, blogging would become like an open book for you.

So, without a due, Lets’s learn How to start a profitable blog step by step as a beginner from scratch.

look, You can turn a blog into a flourishing business.

But first, you have to learn a few basic technical concepts.

Scared a little reading ‘technical’ word?

See, starting a blog in 2020 is as easy as taking a cup of tea on a comfortable couch.

Thousands of web developers have been working hard to make blogging easy for non-technical ones.

Neither, I knew how to code when I started, nor I tried it. The fact is there is no need.

If you want to learn how to start a blog as a beginner. Let me explain some terms in brief before we deep dive into it.

As there is a great saying, A building does not last long without a strong foundation.

If you are die-hard serious to learn it, I advise you to read the whole article patiently.

Note:- I am writing this guide assuming, one does not know anything about a blog. It may be you are already familiar with some terms. You can skip those headings and move forward

What is a Blog

See, a blog is nothing more than a collection of web pages. these web pages contain some specific information.

We all google to know the answers to our doubts. Google serves the top 10 web pages as a solution on the first page.

You click them one by one and choose one that addresses you correctly.

As you are into my blog’s single web-page.

What was your query, remember?

yes right “How to start a blog in 2020”.

My this blog page is dedicated to addresse this specific Question.

And After all, I have tried my best to solve it in one go.

Why should you start a Blog in 2020

Take your example, whenever you face any issue, where you go to find the solution.

yes, the internet.

Due to globalisation, there are thousands of products & services in the market.

To choose one among them we need authentic source of information.

This is where internet plays a major role.

Internet is the place where we can look for the information and execute the buying decisions.

Remember How many time you went on to internet from your mobile to educate yourself.

This is the key, where you can explore an opportunity to become a blogger.

There are three ways you can earn thousands of dollars from a blog

1. You can Grow your own Business with Blog

If you are running a business, you can create a blog around it and educate your audience about your services or products.

See, a blog is a primary source of converting potential customers into repeated buyers in today’s digital world.

Blog is the biggest source to create a brand around your products.

Lets sum up blog advantage in Business.

  • Building a Brand around your products
  • can drive blog traffic to your online store
  • can educate readers about your services & products much more
  • can convert your readers, into repeated buyer through automation
  • can drive your readers to your social media accounts for more connectivity.

2. Start an Informational Blog and earn

You can also start an informational blog.

Like, you can write about the most visited places, history, about people, etc.

you can also start a motivational blog where you can write about success stories.

you can write about anything, people choose the internet as a way to find information.

As far as, income is concerned. You can monetize your blog with Google Adsense and

Google Adsense is a leading advertising platform that allows a blog to show contextual advertisements.

However there are other Google Adsense alternative too you can opt for.

As you write more articles on your blog regularly.

Google trust on your blog would increase.

By the time readers of your blog would grow and you can earn a handsome amount of revenue.

Show me some proof I don’t believe you

Don’t believe me. visit This website has more than 48,00,000 page views in a month according to Ubbersuggest.

According to bloggers estimation, 1,00,000 page views in a month can fetch 150$. Now you can calculate How much this blog is earning.

I think around $7200 dollar from a single blog.

There are thousands of such example. listing all of those impossible.

Wait, this blog is earning from other sources also. The secret milking cow of the internet.

Let me introduce you the king-kong of online earning method ‘Affiliate Marketing’.

3. Start an million-dollar Affiliate Blog

Don’t know yet What is affiliate Marketing. I also didn’t know it until 2016.

Look, I can not explain affiliate marketing in this single post.

But if I make you understand in short, becoming an affiliate you can suggest the products to others by writing honest reviews on your blog.

Readers would visit your blog, read your review, click on your affiliate link, buy the product and you would be earning your commission.

It’s as simple as it seems.

But things are looks simple in saying. But for running a successful blog you need a straight strategy.

Now tell me How can I start a profitable blog in 2020

See, Let me make it very very clear If you are just starting out and online venture.

you would come across many ways to earn online.

When we see a lot of opportunities.

we run behind those which can earn quick money with less efforts.

you may come across such as

  • MLM marketing
  • Website development
  • Web-designing
  • Graphic designing
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO Agency
  • Freelancing
  • Content Marketing
  • Blogging &
  • Blablabla

By running behind all opportunities you won’t reach anywhere. This phenomenon is called “Shiny object syndrome” in the online business field.

If you have this mental disease, sorry bro, you can not materialize your dream at least in this birth.

There are thousands of ways to earn. But remember we have only a maximum 18 hours in a day to execute.

After all, we are human, we all have a single brain. We can not concentrate on all thing at once.

You can not be perfect in all. Could you?

From this moment, take oath, I would only concentrate only on one thing util I make it a successful venture.

And that one thing is only & only Blogging. I firmly emphasize ‘only Blogging’.

Close your eyes, take deep breath, brings your soul to your heart and repeat this phrase three time.

“From today onwards, I will only learn, how to blog from experts, this is the only goal of my life”

Josh Billings says:-

“Be like a postage stamp, stick to one thing until you get there”

– Josh Billings

For your guide I am sharing a book called ‘One Thing’ written by Gary Keller, Jay Papasan.

Buy it and read it.

Now as you have make up your mind, read rest of the article carefully.

I am gonna introduce you with some crucial terms.

What is Domain

Currently you are in ‘’. This is domain name of my blog.

Domain name is nothing more than an address of a website.

Internet is the collection of computers connected to each other with cables.

Each computer is assigned an IP address. Like in numbers.

Numbers are hard to remember by a human. So Such IP addresses are given a name with extension to make it memorable.

In other words, a Domain name is the address of your website, with which, it can be located on the internet.

Simplest real world example is the Address Plate hanging on the wall of your house with which a postman locate your home.

Where to buy a domain name from

There are a lot of Domain registrar. But GoDaddy and Namecheap are famous one.

But as you just starting out and don’t know technical know how. I would advised you to buy both domain and hosting from same vendor.

Because It would be easy to manage your website at least for one year.

Once you become expert than you can do experiments.

See, why I am advising it, because as a non-technical guy when I started, I faced a lot of technical issues because of it.

There is lot to learn in terms of small technical expect.

In your initial phase, excellent hosting provider’s support would be your back-bone.

If you keep both domain and hosting at one place it would be easy for Web-Hosting provider’s support to guide you.

I’ll tell you why. I have summed up these points at the last of next heading.

But first understand what is hosting.

What is Hosting

Hosting is the virtual place where your website is hosted.

See you have three things to build your blog(website).

  1. Domain Name
  2. website builder platform (CMS, html, CSS, java script)
  3. Hosting

The domain is the address of your blog.

website builder platform or CMS creates your website’s visual layout.

Hosting is where you keep your website stored (saved).

In layman language, you can assume, your house as a blog, your name-plate as a domain name, and your colony where your house situated as your hosting.

In real world it happens physically. But for blog It is all created virtually.

Which hosting provider is best for beginner

Look, How fast your blog open after clicking depends upon two factors. your hosting, and your WordPress theme.

If your hosting upload time is not good your all effort would be futile.

Because Google would not rank your website.

Do you know website speed is one of the ranking factors?

Note:- My recommendation for you to go with the ‘Siteground’ web hosting company. As far as the theme is concerned there are a lot of options. But personally, I prefer Generatepress and Astra theme.

Types of Hosting

See, Hosting are of four types

  1. Shared hosting
  2. WordPress hosting
  3. VPS hosting
  4. Dedicated Hosting

As a beginner I would advise you to go with WordPress hosting.

WordPress Hosting are optimize for WordPress blog.

But before choosing any hosting you must look for their support.

Nowadays, chat support supposed to be the best one. If they provide voice support than it is like butter on the bred.

Let me confess it, there are a lot of shared hosting providers company but only few are the best.

Points to remember before opting for a Web hosting

  • fast uploading time
  • C-panel
  • free SSL
  • Free Email
  • Free CDN
  • quick support team

I recommend ‘Siteground’. Don’t trust me, it is recommended by WordPress itself.

Don’t know what is WordPress. That’s our next topic.

Apart from being recommended by WordPress itself, It is absolutely reliable, the fastest hosting available in the market.

Trusted by thousands of bloggers, I have enclosed few testimonials for your reference.

By the way it is also recommended by many top affiliate bloggers in the industry also.

Take a look

I will talk about ‘Siteground’ features in detail in the next section. But first you must know what WordPress is.

Which platform to choose for creating Website

I would only recommend Why because it is developed specifically for non-techy.

You can create your blog in a fraction of second with this platform.

What is wordpress

WordPress is an open-source website creation tool written in PHP. It is also called content management system (CMS).

Don’t worry Siteground has inbuilt wordpress installation process.

Let me share some statistics about WordPress CMS.

35% of the world’s websites are powered by WordPress. It is assumed in the next few years WordPress would overpower the whole internet.

Every 6 Months more than 1.1 million wordpress power blogs are built.

Main requirements for starting a blog and my recommendations

  • A Domain name – As a beginer Buy from siteground, otherwise Namecheap is my favorite Domain provider
  • Hosting – I recommend Siteground
  • WordPress theme – Generatepress, or Astra
  • WordPress plugin – we will talk about it later both free and premium plugin we would require to scale our blog

Other required tools to scale your blog

  • keyword research tools,
  • Email marketing tools,
  • SEO tool, etc.

How to start a successful blog with siteground in 2020

See, creating a wordpress blog is easy. But How you can take an edge within short period of time.

Let me confess it, there is throat cut competition in this market.

Until you smartly work, there is a minimal chance of success.

Let me tell you my strategy in simple 10 steps

Step 1:- Choose a Profitable Niche to start a blog

Can you do charity for your whole life.

No, not at all.

We all need money to survive.

People in this industry urge people to start a blog, in that field, you are passionate for.

But, I don’t agree with this claim.

Yes, I know, If you are passionate about one thing you would enjoy it.

But what about money?

If you can not earn from your bread & butter from it. I think it is utter stupidity to dedicate precious time to it.

What is the solution than?

Let me tell you a story.

See, till 2016, I did not know even ABCD of this blogging field.

Until, I came across an ad on my facebook wall.

It was Kulwant Negi who claimed he has earned thousands of dollar from a blog called

For an instance, I didn’t care about it.

As you know Facebook and Google track user’s behaviour and show relevant ads.

I was bombarded with such similar ads wherever I went on Internet.

I got interested and started to explore.

When I researched, I found many people have earned millions of dollars just writing few stuffs on their blog.

I can not list them all here. But for your reference I would certainly name few.

Deepak Kanakraju –

Kulwant Negi –

Patflyn –

Matthew Woodward –

Michelle –

When I came to know the earning potential of blogging. It became my passion.

So, What’s the lesson?

Money is the key driving factor.

Yes, it is true and it’s always been.

My advice it, Choose a niche where you can earn quick money. If you don’t have knowledge, acquire it.

My Four Circle Method to find a Perfect Niche

Yes, Always keep in Mind four circle when you contemplate to choose what to venture.

Yes accept it, Blogging is a business.

Businesses flourish, if they are managed to approach their potential costumer’s in right marketplace at the right time.

This is the perfect hit. You agree with me, Don’t You?

Let me elaborate.

1. Audience Purchasing Potential:-

Can you sell fridge in Oymyakon Russia, Coldest place on earth. No, not at all.

Make it more simple, What is the sale of fridge in winter season. few fridge are sold, Am I right?

So, would it be wise to write about fridge for Oymyokon people on blog.

If you are writing about a service or products, always look if there are potential buyer of it or not.

2 Audience Online presence:-

Whether buyers, try to purchase it online. they are googling for it like ‘Best DSLR camera’, ‘Best sewing machine‘, ‘cheapest Automatic washing machine’, etc.

These phrases are called ‘keyword’.

Keywards are the key to come on the first page of google.

But is this your niche to start a blog.

See, you can go deeper and deeper to cut down the competition.

Let’s say you can write about ‘Best DSLR for Vlogging’ it is further much more specific.

These phrases are called long tail keywords. Such keywords addresses to a very nerrow audience.

It is much more targeted and can generate more sale.

Note:- For a new Blog, It is advisable to target low volume and low competition keywords for initial boost.

How would you monetize your blog

Two ways,

Insert Affiliate link

You can insert affiliate links in your blog and drive the audience to an E-commerce website. You can become affiliate partner with Amazon.

Amazon will provide you an affiliate link, insert this link on your blog.

When your reader follow your link and purchase products from amazon you will be paid commission.

You can read my step by step guide for amazon affiliate.

Apart from Amazon there are hundreds of Affiliate program out there.

Monetize with Ad Networks:-

You can apply for Google AdSense and Adsense will show relevent ads on your blog. Say if you’re running a blog for the best dslar camera for vlogging.

Google will show DSLR’s ads and when the reader would click on your ads. you will be paid by Google Adsense.

Note:- Always write about for High ticket products, Google Adsense would give high CPC for it. Even at low traffic, you can earn more.

For keyword research you would need SEO tools. SemRush and Aherf’s are my favorite one.

Read my guide How to use Semrush for keyword research.

3. Monetization Opportunity:-

If your blog can not be monetized. All efforts would go in vain.

So before selecting your niche. Look for enough Monetization opportunity.

There are few ways to monetize

  • If there are Affiliate Program available
  • If it can be monetize with ads platform
  • If Company offer sponsored post in this niche.

4. Skill to solve Audience Pain Point:-

Here comes the skill of content writing and deep knowledge of the subject. My advice is to read blog in your niche.

How they are writing. Watch products they are promoting.

Step 2:- Get a Good Domain name for your Blog

A well chosen domain name create a brand around your business.

There is something in the name that attracts people.

so here are some of my tips

  • Always keep your name shorts. Short name is easy to remember.
  • Name should be related to your blog content. For instance if your blog is related to drone for kids. Your domain name might be
  • Always use top label domain (TLD). It include .com. .net., .org. If your blog audience is country specific. you can use country label domain. like for united states .us, United Kingdom .uk, India .in.
  • Avoid using numbers:- Don’t use numbers because it is hard to memorize.

Step 3:- Select a User friendly Blogging Platform

I don’t want to talk much about this topic. My straight suggestion to use platform.

That’s all without wordpress you can not survive.

Stpe 4:- Purchase a Fast Web-hosting

you can start your blog in 4 steps

Here it is, Click on this special link to grab your 70% Discount.

You will be redirect to this home Page

Choose WordPress Hosting

In Next window Choose your Plan.

There are three plans, Startup, GrowBig and GoGeek. If you want to run only a single website you can go with startup plan.

But I would suggest you to go with GrowBig plan. As you would grow, you can host more than one website here.

Note:- Purchase Plan at least for 2 year, if you can purchase it for 3 years you can save yourself from high renewal prices.

Currently SiteGround is running 70% discount

In Next window choose your domain and Proceed further.

Fill your personal detail and contact informaion.

In next window fill your payment detail.

Choose time period. If you are serious go with 3 years purchase. Because renewal price are high.

You can opt for domain privacy. If you select it your domain registration information will bot be public.

Otherwise, any one can see your phonoe number, address, email address in whos’ data.

Check term and condition and pay with your payment option.

Step 5:- Setup your WordPress Blog

Once payment is done. Check your email address for the credentials your recieve from siteground.

click on the link send to you in email to confirm.

Login into your siteground account and you will see window as shown in below image.

click on set up site.

In next window, choose start a new website.

Choose wordpress in next row.

In the third row enter enter your desire eimail and set up the password for wrodpress website.

click continue.

In next winow, avoid SG site Scanner. If you have not adopted domain privacy here your can add it or otherwise skip it and click finish.

In next window choose websites option from menu. click on the site tools.

In next window, select ‘Instal & Manage’ option from side panel. and select staging from drop down menu.

In opening window under Mange installations option. Choose, login admin panel icon as shown in red box.

In the Next window click on start now. Now from this window, you can select any theme you want. But I advise you to skip.

That’s it, you are in your WordPress admin panel.

Here begin further few settings inside the admin panel.

Click setting and choose permalinks from drop down menu.

In opening window choose post name and hit save. that’s hit.

Step 6:- Choose an attention-grabbing Theme

This is the most important decision of your blog journey. Tell me when you go to a shop what first thing attracted you to go inside.

Yes, It is the outlook of the shop.

Good Theme give your blog an awesome rich look. It would lure your readers to take purchasing decisions.

There are thousands of theme in wordpress repositery. But all free themes can not be fully customized.

Apart from it, there are lot of vender in the market who sell premium theme for very few bucks.

But most of these them are null theme and can break your site.

See, blogging is the business. It require investment.

If you are afraid of it don’t enter into this industry.

I firmly advice you to buy a best premium theme for your blog.

I would recommend GeneratePres because it is lightweight and your blog upload time would be very less.

Avail 10% discount with my special link

What to look for in a premium theme

It must be light weight. Generate press is the lightest theme with minimal codes (under 50 KB).

  • Quick support.
  • Must be mobile responsive.
  • can be customized easily.
  • Must be Page builder friendly.
  • Check whether theme is compatible with your current version of wordpress
  • Apart from it I am also fen of

I am also fan of few more theme. They are also equally Compatible.

Astra:- This theme is better than generate press. but it is a little costly than it. If you can afford it. I would advise you to go with it.

Themeshop:- Mythemshop has lot of collection of awesome looking theme. you can choose any one of them.

Once you choose your theme. Download the zip file from their official website. Go to wordpress dashboard > Appearance > Theme > Add new and choose upload.

Select the Zip file from your computer and upload it and activate it. That’s it you are done.

Step 7:- List of some important wordpress plugin

I am listing some important WordPress plugin you would need to optemize your blog.

Free plugin

Ad.txt Manager



Easy Table of Contents

EWWW Image Optimizer


Pretty Links

Rank Math SEO

Site Kit by Google

Social Warfare

WP Fastest Cache

Tital Anti-spam & Security

Updraft Plus

Premium Plugin list

Elementor or Thrive Architect

WP Rocket

Thrive Leads

Social Snap Pro

wondering how to install the plugin

login to your dashboard

  1. choose Plugin from left sidebar > Add new >
  2. For free plugin search it from WordPress repository.
  3. If you have bought it, upload the zip file and activate it.

Write and Publish your first blog post

congrats, you have installed essential plugin. Now it’s time to write your first blog post.

wondering what to write about. I told your, keyword play an important role in it.

Don’t write blog post for search engine. Write for user.

Research user intent, what people are searching for. try to solve the pain point of your user.

Some pro Tips:-

always use atention grabbing Title

Address user intent and try to solve the user problem.

use short paragraph and Simple and easy words.

Write long and comprehensive article addressing everything about the topic.

Use relevent image when needed. Images keep reader bounded. If possible use infographics.

Ways to earn money from your blog

There are many ways you can earn from your blog. I have summed up few.

Affiliate Marketing:-

This is only way on internet you can make million’s of dollars. Be consistent.

Note:- It’s not an quick-go rich scheme. Initially it takes time but once
you build your audience. you can earn on autopilot.

Use Ads network:-

You can take approval of ads network. Google Adsense and are the
big player. However there are other alternative too.

Offer your specialized services:-

If you are specialized in any skill. You can provide your specialized services and

Sell Digital Products:-

You can sell digital products like E-Books, online Courses etc.

Allow sponsored Post:-

You can allow sponsored post on your blog. The company will publish a post
on your blog for brand building or promoting their products.

In turn you are paid for that.

FAQ :- How to start a blog as a buiginer (step by step from scratch)

Is it worth to start a blog in 2020

Yes, it is the right to start. Digitization happening with lightening speed. more than 60% audience use internet.

What kind of blogs make the most money?

The answer is tricky. The blog with high traffic earn a lot. But it requires a team of content writers. But as an individual you can start with affiliate marketing. Apart from organic traffic, you can generate sale
through social media and forum.

Is it worth to start a blog in 2020?

Yes, it is the right to start. Digitization happening with lightening speed. more than 60% audience use internet.

How much does it cost to start a blog?

Domain cost around $10 per year and a hosting $3 per month.

Can I Start a blog free?

Yes, you can. blogger, and WIX are the platform where you can create blog free of cost. But it is not your property. If you violate the terms and conditions. your blog may be deleted without prior notice.

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