top adsense alternatives in 2020

Best Google Adsense Alternatives for Blog in 2020

Looking for google AdSense alternatives for your Blog in 2020.

There are tons of ad networks for bloggers (Publishers).

Don’t worry, I am listing the best 20 alternatives of google AdSense a blogger can go for.

See, Adsense is still a no. 1 hot cake among bloggers.

But as google policies are getting more strict, It has become difficult to take approval for a new blog.

Apart from it, experienced one also look for AdSense alternative to boost their revenue.

There is no dearth of the advertising network for bloggers and online marketers in 2020.

Let’s explore a massive list of ads network with pros and cons.

This list comprises both contextual and non-contextual ad networks.

I will also discuss some best ads networks for new bloggers with low website traffic.

Types of Ads Networks

There are two types of ads Networks.

Which networks will suit, depends upon the niche and content of your blog.

Contextual Ads Networks

Contextual ads network system scans the text of a website for keywords and shows advertisements to the webpages based on those keywords

For example, if you are running a blog on cricket, and a user land on your website through a search engine.

The ad network may show an ad of a cricket product, coaching, news, etc.

Non-contextual Ads Networks

Opposite to Contextual ads networks, Non-contextual does not scan the keywords and not show relevant ads.

Rather they show eye-catching products and news ads for higher click-through rate (CTR).

20 Google Adsense Alternatives for Bloggers in 2020

Now let’s open a huge list of earning opportunities for bloggers.

Ads Network NameAd TypePayout MethodMinimum PayoutSing Up Link
1. Media.netDisplay, Text, NativePayoneer, WireTransfer$100
2. Amazon Native Shopping adsDisplay ads (CPM Ad)Wire transfer,
Amazon Gift Cards,
3. AdversalDisplay adsPaypal,
4. VigilinkText ads (Affiliate ads)PayPal$10
5. Skimlinks Text ads (Affiliate ads) Paypal $10
6. Propeller Ads All Option Various $25
7. Sovrn Various AdsPaypal, ACH, Echeck, transfer $25
8. RevContentNative AdsCheck, Direct Deposit, PayPal$25
9. Infolinks
10. PopCash


Top google AdSense alternatives for bloggers in 2020 is the second-largest contextual advertising network by revenue in the world. Its headquarter located in NewYork and global HQ in Dubai.

It is supposed to be the best alternative to AdSense in terms of ad types.

If I disclosed the truth, is the second-best choice among bloggers after AdSense.

Who can use

If your most audience and costumers hang out at bing and yahoo!, is good to go.

Bing and yahoo are most popular in the US, UK, and Canada. If your audience belongs to these countries, is a good alternative to increase your online revenue.

The great thing about this ad network is its powerful dashboard.

Here you can customize the design and color scheme of your ads and keep track of their performance.


  • Contextual ads (High Conversion)
  • High Revenue
  • Mobile ads
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Easy to use Dashboard
  • One Account for unlimited websites


  • Can not see revenue in real-time
  • web traffic mainly from the US, UK, and Canada

Types of Ads

  • Contextual Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Native Ads

Payment Details

  • Minimum payment $100
  • Payment Method – Payoneer, WireTransfer
  • Payment transferred on Net 30 Basis

The process of placing the application is the same as Google Adsense.

You can check out the review of here and create a free account here

#2. Amazon Native Shopping Ads

Surprised, listening Amazon display ads as an alternative to Google Adsense. Yes, you have heard it right.

Here let me clarify, this ad network only available for

If you have already signed up for the amazon affiliate program, you are good to go.

When you hover over the ‘product linking’ menu, you can see an option in drop-down ‘Native Shopping ads’

Just like Google AdSense, you get a one time code, insert it in your WordPress blog ads widget area and boom.


  • Best for niche amazon affiliate website,
  • Good commission,
  • Instant approval


  • Only available on
  • commission only on purchase

#3. Adversal

Adversal ad network is a perfect alternative of AdSense. But there is only
one restriction.

It required 50,000 page views per month that’s all.

It offers Native, Video, Display ads.


  • $20 payout
  • Good Income


  • Payment on the Net 35 Basis
  • Required 50,000 page views in a month

#4. Vigilinks (Sovrn//Commerce)

VigLink is an intext affiliate advertising ad network.

VigLink does not have strict criteria for publishers.

It is now known as ‘Sovrn/Commerce’.

Even a low traffic website can be easily approved.

This ad network suits for those blogs which review products and have
an outbound link to eCommerce products.

How Vigilink works

This ad network automatically converts your outbound link into an affiliate link.

Even If you do not have an outbound link.

It converts your product text like Apple, iPhone, mobile phone, amazon, Flipkart products link into affiliate one.

It’s awesome right.


Easy to be approved
No minimum traffic requirement
can be used with AdSense
$10 Minimum payout


only best for a product review website

#5. Skimlinks

skimlinks also works as VigLink does. It also turns, mentions of a product,
brand, or Marchant into affiliate links.

More than 48500 merchant affiliate programs are registered with it.

My advice is, test both VigLink and Skimlinks, watch performance closely and continue with one.

you can also use it along with AdSense.

#6. Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads is one ad network that is popular among new bloggers and affiliate marketers.

There is no minimum cap of traffic on the blog. Its web push notification ads feature is a unique one.

A lot of online marketers use its services to generate leads for their business.

Apart from it, if your blog is not eligible for AdSense and You can go with propeller ads without any doubt.

They look for only traffic, not the kind of traffic.

Apart from it they also show adult ads too. so be aware of it.


  • Instant Approval,
  • No minimum traffic requirement,
  • $25 Minimum payouts,
  • Various options for payment


  • Does not suits for a family blog,
  • Serve Adult ads too

#7 Adsterra

Adsterra is a CPM based Ad network.

If you own a lifestyle and fashion blog, this ad network can make you rich.

Famous international e-commerce players such as, Jabong, Jumia,
Lazada are their clients.

These are stats, why Adsterra is not less than google Adsense

As Claimed by Adsterra, their ads receive 25BN+ impressions, they cover 248

Online Marketers generate 10,000K leads each month from this platform.
They run 50,000+ successful campaign


  • Various Payment Methods
  • all type of ads
  • 248 geolocation
  • Dedicated Account managers


  • Most suitable only for Fashion and lifestyle blogs
  • need high traffic to generate good profit

Payment Details:-

  • Every 15 Days, two payments
  • payment via PayPal, Pyaza, WebMoney, Pxum, skrill, Epayments
  • Epayments, WebMoney, Paxum payout threshold is $5
  • Paypal, bitcoin payout threshold $100
  • Wire Transfers, the Payout threshold is $1000

#8. Sovrn

It is a CPM network. Publishers receive revenue on how many expressions the ad

There is no minimum traffic requirement.


  • Strong Dashboard Analytics
  • CPM network
  • Can be used along with AdSense


  • Low CPC for non-us traffic

Payment Details:-

  • Can withdraw through Paypal, ACH eCheck, wire transfer
  • Payment Threshold $25
  • Payment on Net30 Basis

#8. RevContent

Revcontent is a native ad network. It was founded in 2013 by John Lemp.

This ad network is not for low traffic websites. To join website must
have at least 50,000 page views per month.

They are very strict in accepting publishers’ applications. They claim
to accept only 6% application rejecting 94.

Their ads are user friendly and mixed with website content.

Mostly Big Media brands are their publishers. Advertisers receivers
tons of traffic on their ads.

This platform is best for online e-commerce and affiliate marketers to
generate leads.


  • High CPM
  • Minimum payout $50


  • Minimum 50,000 page views required for publishers

Payment Details

  • Minimum payment threshold $50
  • Payment option ACH, PayPal, Wire-Transfer

#9. Infolink

However, Infolinks is known as a primarily text-based ad platform.

But there are other ad formats made available in 2020.

It is easy to get approval for new publishers with low traffic.


  • No minimum visitors required
  • Easy to use
  • Publisher Friendly


  • CPM is good only US, UK Canada, etc.

Payment Details

  • Payment Options – Paypal, Bank wire, e-check, ACH(only US), Payoneer
  • Minimum Payment – $50

#10. PopAds

PopAds ad network is accessible to all irrespective of traffic.

As the name suggests, It offers all kinds of popup ads for online marketers.

If you are at the initial phase of blogging, you can go for it.

It offers ads such as PopUnder, Popun, Tab-under and Tab-up Ads.


  • No Minimum Traffic requirement


  • Not User Friendly due to popup ads

Payment Details

  • Minimum payment $5
  • PayPal, Wire-transfer

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