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50 Free Search Engine Submission Sites List 2020 (updated)

You have started a blog and written a post. But what about traffic? What to do, so that audience find your blog post?

See, Very first step, just after publishing the post is to submit your blog post to popular search engine.

After reading this post you would be able to submit your post to 21 popular free search engine submission sites List.

I know you might have submitted your post to google webmaster. But do you know there are other search engines too, where people hang out?

You are missing this 10% audience.

I also disclose an easy way to submit your blog post to all search engine in one go.

Most Popular Search Engine 2020

Yes, Google is the most popular. According to 91.89% audience uses google. The rest 10% audience uses the following search engine.

  • Bing – 2.79%
  • Yahoo – 1.87%
  • Baidu – 1.1.%
  • Yandex RU – 0.54%
  • DuckDuckGo – 0.45%

Apart from the above list, there are other search engines too, people occasionally use. Once you submit your website to all, your article would appear in SERP (Search Engine Result page) of all search engines.

If you have written high-quality content and done on-page SEO in the right way. Soon you would acquire a position in the top 10 results.

How Search Engine works

There are only two ways to reach your audience, Search Engine and Social Media. Social Media is just a place where people hang out and share there thoughts.

However you can create a community of your own audience. But it may not be always a warm one.

But the search engine is a place where a user searches the solution of its burning problem. This is the right audience that can be converted into a regular reader and costumer.

lets understand how search engine functions.

Web Crawling

Earlier when google was not so smart, google used to crawl the websites with the help of do follow backlinks.

For example If A website has the do follow backlink on B Website and B website is already indexed.

When google crawler (spiders) comes on the B website, It follows the Do-follow backlink and reaches to A website and index it.

But Now google has simplified it, Now you can generate sitemap of your website and submit it to the webmaster of various search engine.

Once you submit it, google spiders crawls your blog sitemap and index your website and original qualitative blog post.

Note:- According to Google, there is no need to submit a new blog post URL to webmaster. Just submit your website sitemap to the webmaster once, google crawler occasionally visits sitemap and index the new blog article.

But, If you want google to index your blog post asap. than its better to submit individual post url to webmaster.

I know submitting the blog URL to all search engine is time consuming. Later in this post I will discuss how you can submit your article to all search engine in one go for better indexing.


Once, Google spiders crawl your website. Web-pages are stored in the google database with relevant keywords.

Note:- Always remember, google indexes web-pages if it solve user intent and its original in nature.

Whenever a user searches a query, search engine fatche most relevant results on top of the first page. However it is still not known, on what basis, google rank the different web-pages.


Once, web-pages are crawled and indexed. when a user search a particular query and if you have written a most relevant solution.

Your blog post would be either on first place or in top 10 results.

Now you have got an idea how a search engine works.

Below I am listing the free URL submission sites list. Make a habit to submit a blog post URL, to different search engine, once you publish a post.

Free Search Engine Submission sites list with high PR

There are two ways to submit your website to search engine. First publish your blog post and submit URL to major search engine manually.

Then submit the same URL to a website that would ping to all other search engine.

Now let’s first understand the process to submit the newly published article to major search engine.

Multilingual Search Engine list

1. Google

Google is the top search engine. 90%, users hang-out here. Soon after you set-up your website, don’t forget to submit your it to google webmaster.

You can use start with Google Console in three easy step.

  • Verify your website with google webmaster, there are different ways to do it.
  • Submit your Sitemap
  • Submit your new blog post for fast indexing

So go to Google search console and do submit your website.

Click Here –

2. Bing

Bing is the second popular search engine. Mostly popular in United States. If your audience from U.S, do submit your website to Bing webmaster.

So go sign up and submit your website.

Click Here –

3. Yahoo

yahoo is the third popular. there is no need to submit website to yahoo. It follows Bing. It is enough to submit your website to Bing webmaster.

In 2015, yahoo agreed to follow Bing algorithm.

4. DuckDuckGo

This search engine does not track a user’s search intent. It is best for those who do not want to be tracked. However, there is no need to submit your website to duckduckgo. It follows the algorithm of Bing and Google.

Country-Specific Google Search Engine

5. Baidu

It is a china based search engine. As you know china promotes only china language. this search engine works specifically for china region.

If you want to submit your website, you can submit here.

Click here –

6. Yandex

It is the search engine of Russia. If you want to target Russian audience, submit your website here.

Click here –

Other Search Engine Submission Sites list

Above mentioned search are the major one. However there are other small search engine too users frequently use.

As a content creator, we should not leave even a single search engine to acquire audience. Because even a single user can convert into profit.

7 – Active Search Results

Submit URL –

8 – Similar Site Search

Submit URL –

9 – Giga Blast

Submit URL –

10 – Vie Search

Submit URL –

11 -Similar Sites

Submit URL –

12 – Exact Seek

Submit URL –

13 – Entire Web

Submit URL –

14 – Sonic Run

Submit URL –

15 – Anoox

Submit URL –

16 – Intel Seek

Submit URL –

17 – Master Moz

Submit URL –

18 – Info Tiger

Submit URL –

After submitting your blog post, first submit it manually to major search engine. then submit it to other high DR and PR web submission search engine.

But it is quite time consuming to do it. What if you can submit your web-page URL to all search engine in one go. Yes here is the way to do it.

How to submit a Blog post to all search engine in one click

There are few services that allow to submit your website and web-pages to most popular 50 search engine. Just place your website url, enter verified email and that’s it.

The first one is

1. Free Web Submission

Click here:-

Enter your website (blog post) URL, name and genuine email. Once you hit submit, a verfication link will be sent to your email. Just varify it and it’s done.

2. Entire Web

click here:-

This website also works in same fashion. Just enter your website URL, enter email address

verify your email address and rest will be done itself.

There is also another way where we invite search engine crawler to index our website. It is called pinging the search engine.

There are many website that manage to ping. But one most popular, I will going to discuss with you. This is a single ping service that is enough to submit your website to all available search engine.

Best Free Ping submission site

In above method, we directly submitted our website to different search engine. There is another way where we can invite search engine spider to crawl our web-pages by pinging (inviting) them.

Yes this is called pinging search engine crawler.

There is one popular website Pingometic. You can submit your website to it and it automatically ping all search engine spiders.

Crawler would come to your website and index it.


Click –

Enter your blog name, URL, don’t forget to check all services to ping and hit send pings that’s it.


submitting the website to all popular search engine webmaster is mandetory. Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex submission are must.

Just verfiy your website to their respective webmaster and submit your sitemap that’s it. All new blog post will be indexed itself through sitemap.

Use freewebsubmission and entireweb to submit your website to rest of the search engine or do it manually.

ping various search engine through pingometic.

Once you do it, share your blog post to different social media account.

If you are benefited by our effort, share this article to your social Media account. It motivate us to write and share more such useful information.

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