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Best WordPress Blog themes in 2020 (Speed up your website)

Have you just purchased a domain and hosting and installed WordPress. Just after setting up your WordPress blog, the next step is to activate a WordPress theme.

However there are a lot of free WordPress blog themes in WordPress library. But most of the free WordPress themes come with a lot of restrictions.

Believe it or not, sooner or later you will have to purchase a premium WordPress theme, where you will have full control over customization.

However, still there are few free easiest WordPress blog themes, which are 90% customizable.

I will list all of them too.

All theme I am recommending are responsive and include both free and premium one.

Don’t worry, All are fast loading WordPress blog theme and lightweight.

Before, you take a decision to go with a WordPress theme. First look for following features.

5 Features of a WordPress theme you should look before you purchase

I am summing up some points you must consider before purchasing a Premium WordPress Blog theme. See, let me confess it, as a newbie we all waste a lot of time experimenting with free theme.

It is futile to do it. Later or sooner you will have to go with premium one. Accept it asap, or waste your precious time.

Responsive Theme

Online users not only use desktop but mobile and tablets too. All such equipments also come with different sizes. So your theme must be compatible with all devices and should fit its layout according to it.

If WordPress theme is not responsive, its layout would be distorted in different devices, this further ruin the user experience.

Light Weight

The theme must be lightweight with minimum codes. It should be free from Jquery and with minimalistic HTML and CSS code.

For example Generatepress theme, it weighs only 30KB. GeneratePress is the most popular theme among bloggers because of its lightweight and minimum load time.

But if you want more compatibility and Prebuilt design you can go with Astra theme.

Astra is one of the best themes that can be converted to any kind of website ranging from a simple blog to a Woo-Commerce website with its Prebuilt design.

Fully costumizable

As a Non-Techy, we should look for a theme that is fully costumizable with drag and drop option. Because using CSS and html code is quite cumbersome to uderstand and use.

So go for a WordPress theme that can be tailored to any design you want with simple prebuilt options.

Page Builder friendly

Believe it or not, sooner or later you will have to use a page builder to design your theme. All WordPress themes are not page builder friendly.

A theme only drag and drop option can not meet your purpose when you want to change your theme that suits your business identity.

According to my experience, Astra WordPress theme is the one that is designed keeping in mind the Page-Builder. Apart from it.

Astra theme comprises of a huge prebuilt library of page builder friendly design that can be further modified.

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Do you know, there are thousands of WordPress theme available in the market. And a very wrong decision can kill your time and money.

The below list of best WordPress blog theme is the end solution of your quest.

Top WordPress Blog Themes in 2020

Below listed of all WordPress Blog themes are full controllable with in-built options. Page Builder compatibility is the biggest priority, All themes are also passed in this taste too.

This theme are the solution of your different need whether you are running a news website, woo-commerce and an affiliate blog.

The Best part of all the below themes are prebuilt design, just change image and text and your website is ready to go live.


WordPress Theme 

Star Rating

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Ocean Wp


Divi Theme


News Paper

This is the top most best list of WordPress blog themes in 2020 loved by most prominent bloggers. However, all themes itself posses a unique feature.

For Example, a Newspaper theme is the best for a news blog, Generatepress for affiliate blog and Astra from woo-commerce and agency.

Apart from it other themses I listed are also the top notch one.

1. Astra

best free WordPress blog themes

I love Astra. I love it because of its prebuilt design library. Moreover, It’s available for free in the WordPress repository. If you are low in budget, you can use its free version. it’s almost 90% customizable and can further be customized with page builder.

I am a little biased with this theme because, It helped me a lot in my initial day. I developed a Woo-Commerce website with its free version and Elementor Page builder.

Once I started to receive stable income. I purchased its pro version and unlock all customization option.

Its just less than 50 KB and feather like light with load speed under 0.5 second.

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Almost 8,00,000+ WordPress blog are using Astra theme and increasing.

Astra is marketed as one of the theme specially developed for Page builders. It is compatible with all page builder available.

My Opinion:- If you are running an agency, Woo-Commerce store, and other blogs. This theme is for you. You can also start your own website development agency and create beautiful websites with its prebuilt design library.

2. GeneratePress

GeneratePress is the theme that is quite popular among affiliate marketers and other bloggers. It only weighs 30Kb. So far it’s been downloaded 2,640,542+ times.

2,00,000+ websites are active with Generatepress theme. It’s a huge numbers.

This theme is not as such with beautiful outlay. But if you keep your website with less CSS, you can drastically reduce upload time.

That’s what developer of this theme follows. However you can use page builder to give Generatepress a beautiful look.

The key to speed up the upload time of a website is the selection of a good hosting, and a light weight theme.

You can read our guide

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However It’s free version also available in WordPress library

Go to dashboard > appearance > theme > add new > search for GeneratePress > Installed it > Activate > that’s it you are done.

3. Genesis theme (Studio Press)

Studio Press, offer Genesis theme for WordPress. It is considered fastest and SEO friendly wordpress theme. For your wonder WordPress developer

It works differently, First you need to purchase Genesis Framework Package. Then you can purchase a child theme that suits your need.

Many Big websites and affiliate marketer use it, WordPress co founder Matt Mullenweg also reommend it.

Genesis Framework was developed by Studiopress. But now it has been acquired by WPEngine.

It is mobile responsive, can also be integrated with woo-commerce easily.

The best part is its parent theme and Child theme both are seperate. Any Changes in child theme is not affected by new update.

Easy to use, Even a non-techy with a little R&D can built a beautiful website with it.

4. Neve

The Neve WordPress theme is developed by Themeisle. It is a totally WordPress optimized theme. As far as speed is concerns, fasted by Generatepress and Astra.

It also offer some bre-built design. Theme is quite compatible with all popular page builders.

The best news is, it is available free in WordPress library and you have 90% control over its customization.

It also offers many useful plugins along with this theme for free. Moreover, a post builder plugin otter comes with it free of cost.

This plugin have many incredible Gutenberg block to give your post an owe-some look.

5. Hastia

Hastia WordPress theme is also the product of themeisle. It is also available free. The best news is you can customize it’s home page and arrange blog post in tiles format.

If you want a beautiful homepage go with Hastia, use it for free no need to pay if you are running a basic educational blog.

But if you are running an affiliate and woo-commerce blog, it’s better to go with premium plan.

6. Ocean WP

OceanWp is also available as a free theme. It is best cheaper alternative of Astra theme if you are looking to create an agency and woo-commerce website.

Currently, OceanWp is downloaded 2,563,500 times.

If you want to develop a simple blog or woo-commerce store, free version is enough for you.

Start with a free plan, once you grow opt for paid one.

7. Divi Theme

8. News Paper Theme

Newspaper theme knows as blog magazine theme. Best theme for News and Magazine websites. I am also using it on one of my Hindi blog.

The best features of this theme is inbuilt page builder and prebuilt design. Just choose one and apply and you are done.

However you can also create your own design with the help of page builder. One’s you install it you don’t need any plugin.

Everything is inbuilt in theme panel.

The best part is, it is Adsense friendly. There are a lot of custom options available in the theme panel where you can place your AdSense ads.

You can purchase this theme with one time payment and would receive life time updates.

It has a seperate mobile theme too.

Apart from it, It has tied up with the official WordPress plugin and has developed a combination of mobile and AMP version of the theme that is lightning fast in the mobile version.

Which is the lightweight WordPress blog theme

As far as light weight, Generatepress weigh 30 KB, Astra 50 KB, and Neve are the lightweight themes.

Which is the fast loading WordPress blog theme

Generatepress, Astra, neve, genesis, Ocean wp and Hastia

Which is the best WordPress Blog magazine theme

Newspaper, Divi, Hastia,

Which is the best free blog theme for wordpress.

Astra, Generatepress, Oceanwp, neve,

Which is the best Premium WordPress blog theme.

Divi, Genesis, Astra

Which is the easiest WordPress blog theme.

Astra, Generatepress, Newspaper

Which is the best Education WordPress blog theme.

Genesis, Generatepress, Astra

My Thoughts

See, all above mention theme are best. Its your personal choice whih one you use. No theme would give you 100% score in page speed insights ones you use page builder and start to upload huge data.

A best hosting provider can save your website speed.

I have list, few best WordPress hosting provider you can go with.

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