Affiliate Disclaimer

Hi, Anurag here, I have been working online for the last 4 year. As you know in todays world it’s hard to believe an online offer or product. But those who are working with transparency are the one trusted.

As a true marketer I always believe in transparency and honesty. That’s for I accept that I am an affiliate to many advertisers.

I review products on my website tag an outgoing link. If someone purchases products with our recommendation, I receive a little commission.

The product I suggest to my readers the one I myself have used, tested and experienced.

This is my only bread and butter and there is nothing wrong about it. Market run in the same way.

The difference is I am disclosing it here being a true and transparent marketer.

See, It is impossible to disclose all the advertisers i am affiliates to. But you can consider mostly all outgoing link as an affiliate links.

Please note that I am not given any kind of free products, services and previlages by recommending their products nor I own these advertising companies.

Any further inquiry you can contact me via mail or contact form.


Anurag Pathak