Best ad networks for android apps monetization

Top 20 Ad networks for android apps Monetization in 2020 with pros & cons

Have you recently launched an app on the play store? Looking for Best high CPM mobile ad networks for android apps.

See, there is no dearth of ad networks for mobile apps in 2020. But we as online hustler look for best one.

Here I will introduce you with Best 20 Best app monetization platform with high CPC & CPM

My list will comprise both CPC and CPM networks.

So, without any due, lets jump into it.

Best Mobile Ad networks for android apps

Here is the list of top 10 mobile advertising networks an mobile application developer can go with.

#1. AdMob

The AdMob is one of the leading mobile advertising network owned by google

This web platform was developed by Omar Hamoui and incorporated on April 10.
In November 2009, It was acquired by Google for $750 Million.

As a web publisher can monetize his blog with adsense, in similar way, an
android developer can go with AdMob and monetize mobile app.

According to Google AdMob Official more than 1 million apps and google
advertisers use AdMob.

It provide mobile advertisement in more than 200 countries.

AdMob, provides both CPM and CPC ads. But CPM rate is quite low as compared to

Broadly, a developer is paid more on CPC bases.

Types of Ad formats

Rewarded:- Ads that users can choose to engage within the exchange
for in-app rewards, like bonus points or an extra “life” in a game.

For Example:- In ‘subway surfer game’, after player died, a free life is offer in exchange of an ad. this ad is called rewarded ad.

Native:- Customized ads that look and feel like a natural part of your app. Such ads mix with the content of the app and look like part of the app.

Banner:- Rectangular ads that can be anchored to the top or bottom of the

Interstitial:- Static or video ads that can appear at natural breaks or
transition points, creating engaging brand experiences without disrupting
the app experience.

Bullet Points

  • Campaign Type:- CPC, CPM, CPI
  • supported Platforms:, ios, Android, Unity, Cocos2dx, WordPress 8
  • Minimum Payout:- $100
  • Payout Terms:- Net 21 Basis


  • No adult ads content.
  • Strong Dashboard,
  • can be used with other Ad networks,
  • High CPC,


  • Low CPM rates
  • strict policy for publishers

For More Information, go through this article:- AdMob knowledge base.

#2. Unity Ads

This ad networks is popular among game developers. its rewarded video ads
have made many game developers millioner.

Corrently, All popular games such as angry bird, sabway surfers etc using unity.

Apart from it, unity can be used with other ads network too.

Bullet Points

  • Ad format:- Videos,
  • Campaign Type:- CPS, CPI, CPCV
  • supported platforms:- ios, Android
  • Minimum Payout:- $100
  • Payment Terms:- NET 30


High CPC for game App, User friendly,


#3. ChartBoost

Chartboost is also mobile games only ad network platform. Mostly they work
with ios and Android developers.

Frenkly speaking, this network is used by the game developer as publisher and
advertisement both.

Developer, give ads on charboost to enhance download of apps.

In other words, this platform, shows ads of competitor’s game app to each other
to increase downloads.

It also offers all kind of ads.

Bullet Points:

  • Campaign format:- CPM, CPC, CPCV, CPI
  • Supported Ad formats: Video, Native Ad, Interstitial
  • platforms:- Android, Unity, Cocos2dx, ios, wp8, Amazon, Air
  • Minimum Payout:- $75
  • Payment Terms:- Net 45


  • All kinds of reports to publishers
  • strong Dashboard
  • favourit ad networks of gamer
  • high CPC


  • only game developer-oriented
  • low CPM

#4. InMobi

This ad network is full-fleshed in-app and mobile web ad platform.

It also can be used with other ad networks with a mediation platform.

Inmobi UI is best to find placements to increase the quality of the user
experience increased optimization with expert account management.

There is one interesting thing, its Ui uses appographic targeting.

Meaning, they target users on the basis of what kind of apps they downloaded.

Bullet Points:-

  • Campaign Type – CPC, CPM, CPI
  • Ad Format – Native, video, Interstitial, Rich Media, Banner
  • Platform – Android, Unity, ios, Air
  • Minimum Payout – $50 (PayPal) $300 (Bank A/c) other than India for India $50 (Bank A/c)
  • Payment Terms – Net 60

Source:- InMobi Help Center


  • Easy Approval
  • High CPC


  • Low CPM

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